Tiny Tots and Toddler Time is a fun, song and story session run at many libraries in Manchester! It was an interesting and enjoyable experience for us to interact with other babies and parents. Read on to know about our experience:

Last Tuesday, we went to our local library to attend the session. It runs from 10.30 to 11.15 am every Tuesday during term time. About 10 babies had attended it. There were about 8 toddlers and only a couple of babies, including us.

Story time

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The library staff runs the session. She started it on time. Since we had arrived early, it was an opportunity for having a little chat with other parents. There is a children section in the library with various board books of bedtime stories and such. This is where the storytime session runs.

The welcome song

It started with the welcome song which included the names of all the babies present. When their names were called out, the babies watched all the faces excitedly! Then there were some ‘standing up’ songs such as the Grand Old Duke of York, Ring a Ring O’ Roses and so on. There was a lot of sitting down, standing up and babies being jumped in the air that they enjoyed a lot! It was a good way to make them active!

Story time

She then read a baby story book called the Space Walker that was about a dog that goes to the moon on a rocket! It was a fun time for the tiny tots! After this, there were more songs to be sung!

The puppet songs

There was a bag of puppets from which all the babies picked up a puppet, one by one. We then sang songs about the puppet that was just chosen. She taught us the song and we all sang with her.

Our baby picked a goat and it was a good opportunity for me to learn a new song that I hadn’t heard before. I learned the song ‘The goats came marching’ at this session. You can hear it here. There were many more puppets picked such as the star, Miss Polly, Humpty Dumpty, the green frog among others.

The goodbye song

The last part was the goodbye song that included each of the babies’ names again. She had placed out some activity sheets and crayons for the older kids. Since our baby is too young for this, we did not attend this part of the session.

Stamps on Bookstart Bear Club passport

By attending this session, you can even get a stamp for your Bookstart Bear Club Passport. Every time you reach 6 stamps, you get a certificate and once you have collected all the certificates, you even get a certificate of completion! We had come across this scheme earlier when we attended the Storytime with Dad session. I think this is a good scheme to make young children interested in books, especially in this age of technology!


It was a good way for the babies to interact with other their own age. This helps their social and language development. For bilingual babies like ours, since we are teaching our native language at home, this type of story and song sessions are very helpful to teach English simultaneously. You might be interested to read my earlier post about how reading helps raise a bilingual baby.

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Do you attend baby activities at your local library too? What is your favourite part about taking your baby to such activities? Please leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you! If you liked this post, please subscribe via email to receive notifications of future posts!

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